Winnifred Beach
Road Project.

In June 2017 the Board of Free Winnifred Benevolent  Society officially launched the  
Winnifred Beach Road Project.

Help us to create a decent  road to Winnifred to serve the community and to valorize the local beauty of Portland.



AUTHOR  Shawna-Kaye Lester 
PHOTOGRAPHER  Damion Christie
DATE 16 August 2017

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Winnifred Beach is one of the last remaining FREE public beaches in Jamaica. The beach is well known and has been used for generations by the immediate local community as well as by Jamaican citizens and international tourists who come there to spend a leisurely day at sea.

One of the best and last  public beach in Jamaica

Families, seniors, church's groups and tourists visit the beach regularly especially as a result of having free entry and also for the authentic, pleasant and colourful atmosphere around. Some residents have planted small stalls for the sale of corn, hot soups and other Jamaican well-known dishes. During holidays there is music and activities on the beach. 

Winnifred is a vital gathering space for socializing and refreshment for all Jamaicans and is also the most favourite beach by many tourists because of its uniqueness.

Open Letter to The Gleaner

Five years of struggle 

After five years of struggle to defend Winnifred beach from being privatised by UDC, on 6th October 2014, finally the decision was made at Port Antonio Court House!

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Winnifred Beach in Fairy Hill is my favorite beach in Portland, Jamaica. The white sand beach sits in a lush tropical cove with crystal clear water. Most importantly it's a public beach and is open to everyone at no cost. It has a vibe unlike the costly private beaches and gated resorts that tend to be too expensive for local Jamaicans. Locals have been operating small food shacks and selling crafts on the beach for over 30 years.

Now the Jamaican Government's UDC ( Urban Development Council ) are trying to take over the beach, expel the local merchants, fence the property and begin charging for entry. On June 11, 2012 the matter is due to be resolved in court.

Please  support the Winnifred Beach Benevolent Society's efforts to " Keep Winnifred Free".


Free Winnifred’s Beach: Keep It Free and Beautiful!

Posted on September 2, 2017 by petchary

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A long story in short

In 2008 we started to set a trial against UDC after finding that in the National Beaches Act is stated the if a beach is public without any interruption for 20 years it cannot be made private. Using this law we collected 12 statements from senior people living in the area which testify their regular presence on the beach.

We need to raise some funds in order to pay the two lawyers and to improve the water system at the beach Plus we are planning to improve the road to the beach which at the moment is quite dreadful.

If you want donate some funds this is our bank account:

National Commercial Bank 
Port Antonio Branch
Free Winnifred Beach Benevolent Society 
Account 841005481

One love
Maria Carla Gullotta
Winnifred Benevolent Society Coordinator
rapers San, Drapers, Portland
Email: carlajamaica51@gmail.com

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